Neglecting This Pre-Flight Check Might Prevent Your Writing from Landing Properly.

Doug Lenberg inflates his balloon (after a thorough pre-flight check). Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, 2013. ~Photo by Paula High-Young.

Your Pre-flight Check is Always Important

Inoculating My Spirit for a Better Year

Photo by Jesse Gardner on Unsplash

In January 2020, like many of you, I had the best intentions to get so many great things done. “2020, my year of Vision,” I told myself.

Learn these three easy practices & help your writing become more understandable, compelling, and credible.

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When we write something like an email, an article, a blog post, or a story, there’s a reason.

A Whimsical Tale of Love and Compassion

I’m popping in today with a little something positive while I work on some other articles to bring you — soon.

An appreciative Lilly-the-Lizard, rescued — but not in the usual way. Photo by Paula High-Young, 8/15/2020.

I named her Lilly. I don’t know exactly why — maybe it had a ring to it?
And I don’t usually name my rescues. Maybe because she seemed so “touch-n-go” for a little while?

I think it’s a girl. She had no blue on her tail, so not what I grew up calling a “blue-tail.”

How to Start Reaping Mindfulness Benefits.

Photo by Simon Rae on Unsplash

It’s like a new buzz-word. We keep hearing it all over the place. But what are they talking about?

Mindfulness is learning to be aware of the present moment — and not spacing-out. It’s paying attention to the now. . . and the now. . . etcetera. It’s focusing your awareness on what you’re doing right now — at any given moment. It’s how to live your life more fully engaged.

While supportive & somewhat entertaining, they’re not always helpful.

Calamity Jane stays on top of break-time!

How I Came to be a Home-Office Worker
While working from home is new to many people these days, it has been a way of life for me since 2012. My “co-workers” have kept me company through hours of frustrating work and helped temper the rough times.
And, they’ve interrupted a fair amount too!

Initially, my “work” from home was mostly me researching to learn why I had become so freakin’ sensitive to most perfumes and other synthetic chemicals — eventually landing me on disability.

The regular, allopathic doctors were puzzled…

. . . And More Importantly, Finding Your Way

Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

I took an unplanned, mini-sabbatical, and got a bit lost. But I’m back now.

It’s Not a Trainwreck
Maybe it’s a couple of derailed cars — a slightly derailed path.
Or perhaps more like getting lost, out in the storm.

There’s an Odd Nebulous Upside-down-ness to it All.

Photo by Yu-chuan Hsu on Unsplash

I still can’t seem to wrap my mind around all the craziness happening around us — around the world. I know, the stay-at-home orders have been going on for at least two months now, in most of the United States, anyway.

And yet… I’ll be going along, doing things I need to do around the house, and working in my home office. Everything seems Ok but then…

What Day IS This, Anyway?

“Quizzical Cat “ — Photo by Paula High-Young

Anymore, I frequently have to think about it. There are mornings — when I have to look it up!

I was planning to publish a different article this week, but it needs a little more polishing, and time got away from me. I even lost track of what day it was — more than once.

Sometimes the weekdays fly by so fast; it’s easy to lose track. But during this bizarre pandemic time — while we need to stay home and away from each other, everything feels like it got turned sideways.

My Sudden Decision to Get Away

Eastern New Mexico Sunset, Photo by Paula High Young (east of Tucumcari, NM)

Attitude Adjustment
I woke up Friday morning, April 17, feeling a little blah. Some mornings I feel so tired of battling the fatigue — it can seem overwhelming.

As I sat up in bed, my dog, Bow leaned up against me — pushed against me — and she looked into my eyes adoringly. But I swear, she looked a little bummed-out too.

I sighed, “We need some outdoor time, don’t we, Girl?”

Her head tilted as she kept looking at me. I thought about — wondering where I could take her. I considered taking…

Paula High-Young

Holistic health copywriter & editor. Wellness coach. Amateur radio operator KZ5YL, photographer, & hot-air balloon pilot.

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