Okay, don’t get too excited. Maybe it’s not what you think.

Photo by Lucas Santos on Unsplash

I was born legally “High” — it’s my maiden name.
Then I married Mr. Young. It’s why I hyphenate. But I digress.

🎵 Get Back in the Saddle Again. . . 🎶

I was actually referring to the fact I hadn’t posted here in a while. And it’s beyond high time I get my fanny in gear and post something…

I’m popping in today with a little something positive while I work on some other articles to bring you — soon.

An appreciative Lilly-the-Lizard, rescued — but not in the usual way. Photo by Paula High-Young, 8/15/2020.


I named her Lilly. I don’t know exactly why — maybe it had a ring to it?
And I don’t usually name my rescues. …

While supportive & somewhat entertaining, they’re not always helpful.

Calamity Jane stays on top of break-time!

How I Came to be a Home-Office Worker
While working from home is new to many people these days, it has been a way of life for me since 2012. My “co-workers” have kept me company through hours of frustrating work and…

. . . And More Importantly, Finding Your Way

Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

I took an unplanned, mini-sabbatical, and got a bit lost. But I’m back now.

It’s Not a Trainwreck
Maybe it’s a couple of derailed cars — a slightly derailed path.
Or perhaps more like getting lost, out in the storm.

What Day IS This, Anyway?

“Quizzical Cat “ — Photo by Paula High-Young

Anymore, I frequently have to think about it. There are mornings — when I have to look it up!

I was planning to publish a different article this week, but it needs a little more polishing, and time got away from me. …

Paula High-Young

Holistic health copywriter & editor. Wellness coach. Amateur radio operator KZ5YL, photographer, & hot-air balloon pilot. www.HolisticWellnessWriters.com

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