3 Ways You Can Improve Your Writing

Learn these three easy practices & help your writing become more understandable, compelling, and credible.

Paula High-Young


Why are you writing?

When we write something like an email, an article, a blog post, or a story, there’s a reason.

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We have a message we want to communicate with someone or to our specific crowd.

In the case of blog posts, articles, and stories (like on Medium), your writing might serve to voice an opinion, share an experience, to express yourself, teach something, entertain, or to persuade your audience.

Whatever your reasons for writing, there’s the expectation someone will actually read it. Let’s assume; in addition to wanting people to read it, you also want them to understand what you’ve written — otherwise, why bother writing it?

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If you come across as confusing, unclear, or blathering, no one will care to finished reading anything you write.

This is where my tips come in today.

I’m offering to teach you how to bring clarity to your message, hone your writing skills, and bring a higher level of integrity to your communications.

Getting started

It doesn’t matter whether you start from an outline, helping bring your scattered thoughts together, or you merely begin writing and flesh out your ideas as you go — you will eventually need these habits I’m offering.

You’ll learn ways to eliminate the clutter, tighten, and clean-up your writing — making it more easily understood. In this way, you come across more effectually and credibly.

Here are three practices you can use to improve the quality and understandability of your messages.

1. Proof-read



Paula High-Young

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