Getting Lost. . .

Paula High-Young
6 min readJul 3, 2020

. . . And More Importantly, Finding Your Way

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I took an unplanned, mini-sabbatical, and got a bit lost. But I’m back now.

It’s Not a Trainwreck
Maybe it’s a couple of derailed cars — a slightly derailed path.
Or perhaps more like getting lost, out in the storm.

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Have you ever been just going along. . . doing what you think you need to be doing, and you gradually realize. . . “Wait, this is not enough?”

The way you’re going about things, it will never be enough because. . . Something is missing, isn’t it?

You suddenly recognize the need to stop, get your bearings, look around at your to-do lists, your schedule, your goals. . . and your life.

The concept hits you, “Somehow, things aren’t working how I thought they would — or should. What happened? How did I get turned around? Or derailed? Wow! When did some of my good habits fall off? And how did I allow this? Wait. . . What?”

A few things had become a little overwhelming. How did I not see this coming earlier? I guess I was so busy trying to push forward; I ignored the resistance from the overwhelm.

But now that I really looked at the circumstances and how I’ve been feeling, it became so clear. Something must change — a course correction. But. . . what correction is best? And then how best to implement those corrections?

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Course Corrections
I had to stop and take an inventory of what I was doing and why. All of it. How did I feel about it? The truth? I kinda felt buried alive, or like I was drowning.

I’d been ignoring the undercurrent of panic in favor of just pushing forward — any forward. But it had not been my forward.

I believe “my purpose” had been too slippery and nebulous — not well-defined enough — and it slipped right out from under me. I guess I blinked and missed that part…



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