It’s Beyond High-Time. . .

Paula High-Young
3 min readNov 4, 2021

Okay, don’t get too excited. Maybe it’s not what you think.

I was born legally “High” — it’s my maiden name.
Then I married Mr. Young. It’s why I hyphenate. But I digress.

🎵 Get Back in the Saddle Again. . . 🎶

I was actually referring to the fact I hadn’t posted here in a while. And it’s beyond high time I get my fanny in gear and post something. Get back on the writing and posting wagon.

Paula’s summer garden flowers.

A Page in my History

In this regard, I have something I’m hoping to re-work. It’s a story about an experience I went through — way back in the days of my starter blog from eons ago.

That blog is an itty, bitty generic WordPress blog called “Paula’s Butterfly Mind.”

Let’s see how many of you can find it out there, swimming in the Internet waters of long ago.

Leave me a comment if you find it.

I’m curious to know who will go hunting for it. It was my first feeble attempt at what I called my blogging experimentation phase. It was hit-n-miss, I didn’t consistently post, never knew quite what to write about, usually took a stab in the dark much of the time.

Oh, wait! That almost sounds like now!
Has Nothing Improved? 🤣 Oh Lordy, I hope so.

In reality (which is highly overrated, at times), the old beginner blog started its tiny life as a “BlogSpot” blog until a well-respected friend turned me on to WordPress. I went. I converted. “Hey, Mikey. She liked it!” I eventually upgraded to a custom URL version which I still run.

Back to the Little Something to Re-work

Why? Because it’s coming up on the 20th-anniversary of the experience. Wow! Hard to believe 20-years have passed. And yet, it was a lifetime ago.

I wrote about it. . . I believe 5-years after it happened. I needed some time to pass so I could process it.



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