Making a Promise to Myself in 2021

Inoculating My Spirit for a Better Year

Paula High-Young


What in the Hell-o Happened?

In January 2020, like many of you, I had the best intentions to get so many great things done. “2020, my year of Vision,” I told myself.

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For months, I kept on target. But gradually, something started pulling at me — overwhelming me. Maybe you experienced it too?

I have now come through the valley, and I’m creating a strategic journey back up the other side — into the Light.

It’s so rewarding when you can look back and use the stumbles as learning opportunities to move you forward again.

The Best of Intentions

On January 4th, 2020, I started publishing an article per week on Medium. I was still figuring it out but intended to ramp it up to two articles per week, then up to three. But I had to pace myself. My energy wasn’t up for two or three articles per week yet.

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Then, COVID hit, but I kept publishing. I stayed on track for months —but I didn’t “ramp-up” as I’d hoped. Never-the-less, I was so proud of myself for sticking with it.

Four months into this successful run, some life-stuff intervened, and I missed a week. I was bummed to have broken my streak, but I jumped back in and published the following week.

Oops! There Goes Another. . .

Then I missed another week — and another. I let life overwhelm me for seven weeks. I was so disappointed with myself. Why did I drop the ball? And worse, why didn’t I get back up — right away? I beat myself up about it a while.

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Get over it! I told myself. Just jump back in. Everyone knows you’re human, in



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