Meet My Co-Workers. . .

Paula High-Young
8 min readJul 12, 2020

While supportive & somewhat entertaining, they’re not always helpful.

Calamity Jane stays on top of break-time!

How I Came to be a Home-Office Worker
While working from home is new to many people these days, it has been a way of life for me since 2012. My “co-workers” have kept me company through hours of frustrating work and helped temper the rough times.
And, they’ve interrupted a fair amount too!

Initially, my “work” from home was mostly me researching to learn why I had become so freakin’ sensitive to most perfumes and other synthetic chemicals — eventually landing me on disability.

The regular, allopathic doctors were puzzled. I needed holistic health information, and they didn’t have it. I didn’t get paid to do the research, but someone had to unearth the reasons — and root causes for my “new” health issues. Then, perhaps we could correct them. The research helped me find a better doctor, among other things. It turned out these issues had been accumulating for decades.

Eventually, the research gave way to writing again. Freelance this time.

Introductions to the Staff
I want to introduce you to my house full of “co-workers.” I have five, and my husband has even more! You’ve already seen one of them, above. Calamity Jane keeps on top of the time. And yes, she is the office trouble-maker — don’t let that innocent look fool you. She always alerts me to treat-time.

Teaser, RumTumTugger (RT), & Jazzie

The Cats
The cats are my Roaming Supervisors. You’ve already met Calamity — but here are the rest of them. Teaser (on top) has, sadly, passed away. He was a fun and incredibly sweet co-worker.

As the oldest, he was a mellow Managing Supervisor. He supervised, trained, and mentored the younger kitties. And an excellent job he did. He was so wise.

Below him, in the middle, is Rum-Tum-Tugger (RT), and on the bottom is Jazzie.

Before the three younger kitties came to us, Teaser and Ginger (also gone now), had lived in this house with me since I bought it. They were with me before I moved-in and…



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