People Keep Talking About Mindfulness — What IS it?

How to Start Reaping Mindfulness Benefits.

Paula High-Young


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It’s like a new buzz-word. We keep hearing it all over the place. But what are they talking about?

What IS Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is learning to be aware of the present moment — and not spacing-out. It’s paying attention to the now. . . and the now. . . etcetera. It’s focusing your awareness on what you’re doing right now — at any given moment. It’s how to live your life more fully engaged.

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Mindfulness is the antithesis of distraction, and it helps heal distractedness and disorganization. It’s a daily practice. It takes a little time training yourself — and your mind — to keep coming back to the present.

Why Would I Practice Mindfulness?

There are dozens of studies and articles discussing the mental and emotional benefits of mindfulness. And dozens more discussing various physical benefits.

As summarized and outlined, on, we find consistent mindfulness practice offers practitioners benefits like:



Paula High-Young

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