Thinking Out Loud (or on the Page)

Just tell them you were talking to the dog.

Paula High-Young
5 min readDec 4, 2021
One of our dogs, Cricket. Photo by Paula High-Young, 2013
One of our dogs, Cricket. 2013 Photo by Paula High-Young

Do you ever go into deep contemplation and suddenly realize you’re thinking out loud? I’m always grateful I work alone when this happens. Although, the dog looks at me kinda funny, and my parrot asks, “What’s up with that?”

My little parrot, Mailbu, 2014. “Selfie” photo by Paula High-Young

She makes me laugh.
And that’s a good thing. Silly bird.

Someone Needs to Think About This Wierd Stuff

It might as well be me.

They’re sometimes funny things — wouldn’t you agree?

To become fulfilled, they need to be strong and outweigh so many other emotions and actions.

Some intentions are born into this world, with the odds seemingly stacked against them. And yet, we push them valiantly through to a win. While others seem like a shoo-in but they wither and die almost immediately.

Something like overwhelm can nip the best of intentions in the bud.

So What Was it THIS Time?



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