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Paula High-Young
7 min readApr 12, 2020

The Internet Isn’t the Only Way to Socialize at a Distance

W5FHA (Don) making contacts around the world, at our local, annual ARRL Field Day in June 2006. -Photo by Paula High-Young

Ham Radio — Keeping People Connected
I am a licensed amateur radio operator, aka a ham radio operator. In New Mexico, we are incredibly lucky to have a vast network of amateur radio operators, amateur radio repeaters, and radio clubs — in addition to our
national organizations. As such, we have several “nets” throughout the week.

My (KZ5YL) station — August 2019.

Amateur Radio Nets
A net is an on-the-air gathering, at an arranged time, on a predetermined and publicized frequency, of amateur radio operators who take turns checking-in. We use nets to practice for emergencies and to keep in touch.

Some nets are topic-specific and open to members of particular groups — usually with ham-guests welcome toward the end. Other nets are open to any licensed hams, and the topics are open to pretty much anything allowable on-air. There are rules — unlike CB (citizens’ band) radio.

CQ, CQ, CQ. . .
Another way we “gather” on the air, is by getting on a frequency for which we are licensed and either putting out a “CQ” (seeking other hams to respond) or joining in a…



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